Thursday, December 27, 2018

12 Life Saving Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

Picture this: it’s late at night and you are stranded on the side of the road. Snow is falling around you, and your car won't start. There is no heater, and your phone is dead. With the following twelve things in your car you will be better equipped to help yourself, and/or wait out the storm until help arrives. 

1. Ice Scraper and Brush: Being able to see out your windows is crucial when driving. By having an ice scraper you will be able to better see out your windshield and other windows. 

2. Shovel: A collapsible shovel is small enough to fit in your car, and can be a life saver to help you if your car gets stuck. 

3. Warmth: If your car dies so does your heater. In winter time this can be deadly, especially if you have no way to stay warm. Whether that's with a blanket or extra clothing stored in your car, ensure there is a way to keep your body warm.