Friday, January 1, 2016

6 Things Your Bug-out Bag Didn't Come With

6 Things your bug-out bag didn't come with
         If you had to bug-out of your home right now and survive for three days with nothing but your pre-assembled bug-out bag you bought online, could you do it?  Your answer may depend on WHY you are bugging-out and the location you are headed (WHERE).  It might change based on WHO's going with you and WHEN (time of day & season) too.  Whatever the circumstance, if your answer leans towards "No," chances are good that you either don't know what's in the kit or you know the kit doesn't quite cover all of your needs.  In both cases (and even for those who answered yes), it would be wise to assess the contents of your bug-out bag before you take on a real bug-out situation.  The following are just a few things that your kit probably didn't come with that you should consider adding:

1.  Shoes and a Change of Clothes
I don't know about you, but disasters and emergencies have always happened to me when it's least convenient. Who's to say that it won't happen when you're in bed or taking a shower or even going to the bathroom?  An emergency is no time to be caught under-dressed!  Always have a pair of shoes and a change of clothes in your bag, so you are ready even in the most untimely circumstances.  You never know what kind of terrain you will be walking on or how far you would be traveling when you bug-out, so be sure to choose a sturdy pair of shoes/boots that are broken in and comfortable.